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Feeling tired?

You’re not alone - a busy lifestyle takes its toll on the body and the nervous system. Instead of fighting your fatigue with a traditional gym workout, why not restore yourself with the healing properties of yoga? Our Newstead yoga classes will restore your sense of energy and balance, improve your sleep and reboot your nervous system.

Feeling stressed?

Yoga is the perfect remedy to the over-stimulated and technology-focused modern lifestyle. Yoga will calm your mind and allow you to find a sense of inner peace whilst also increasing your fitness, strength, flexibility and general wellbeing.

Feeling stiff or tense?

Whether you work on your feet or at a desk, working hard throughout the week can take its toll on your body. Attending yoga regularly can help you to offset the strain that work can have on your body. It can help you to naturally treat your aches and pains through strengthening, stretching, relaxation and awareness.

Want to get fit or lose weight?

Yoga isn’t just useful for increasing relaxation and combatting the health problems that come with the 21st-century lifestyle. If you attend our Newstead yoga regularly (and maintain a healthy diet), you will notice a drastic change in your fitness and your overall inner and outer health.

Yoga Newstead - Get started


Our delicately designed syllabus of yoga tutorials (each passionately prepared and run by Brisbane’s best instructors from our Newstead studio) will enrich your balance, body and breathing. With patience, virtue, and providence, Restoration Zone yoga will assist you in achieving true wellness.

Why Choose our Newstead Yoga

Our space sings praises of yoga’s ability to enhance agility, increase attentiveness, improve lymphatic flow and boost immunity. Yoga improves muscle and joint strength, blood flow and also enhances cognitive processes. It is known to regulate and resolve IBS and other digestive illnesses, reduce cortisol levels, aid sleeping patterns and control adrenal glands.

We welcome and embrace your search for enlightened inner cleansing. We specialise in beginner through to intermediary and advanced sessions. Visit us today for a personalised guided tour of the facilities and to see for yourself how our zone can restore your spirit. See our classes.

Contact us if you are interested in attending our Newstead yoga, or if you would simply like to know more.

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