At Restoration Zone, we believe that perspiration is physical proof that authentic wellness has been achieved, and with our modern steam room and sauna facilities, it’s not difficult to recognise the benefits of a well intentioned ‘sweat-sesh’. 
The high, dry temperatures of the sauna trigger an exodus of impurities and toxins present within the body, clearing pores and easing muscle tensions. Such sweating alleviates symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness, and cause blood vessels to dilate, which allow better blood flow and nutrient delivery to stiff areas.

Steam Room

While our steam room still removes impurities from the body, its purpose differs from the sauna as it employs wet heat rather than dry heat. Detoxification occurs through its steam healing,  replenishing skin complexion and promoting circulation.  
Whether it’s after a stressful day of work or an intense workout, step into our steam room and sauna and let it seduce you into a deep, deserving unwinding. 

Ice Bath

To read more about our cold therapy ice bath click here. 

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