Restoration Zone is home to a range of allied health practitioners, handpicked to help you achieve complete wellness.

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Wellness Practitioners

Enjoy the best in Brisbane’s massage therapy from a convenient location. Our massage therapists have a wealth of experience in various forms of massage applicable to a range of body types and situations.

Physique Physiotherapy and Massage

Committed to providing her clients with supremely individualised and comprehensive consultations is the mantra with which physiotherapist Mimi Le and her team passionately applies to the profession. After completing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, she continued to master her treatments both locally and internationally by working alongside some of the world’s leading physiotherapists, orthopaedic and spinal specialists on London’s renowned Harley Street. With over 10 years’ experience, Mimi’s expertise with western acupuncture, core stability and posture training, and muscle trigger point releases have seen numerous rugby players, competitive dancers and cyclists alike benefit from her depth of knowledge and hands-on approach toward recovery.

Ph: 07 3852 4673
     0423 687 440



Wellspring Chiropractic

Wellspring Chiropractic can offer treatment and assistance with common issues such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc injuries, referred arm and leg pain, posture, ergonomics, and stress related conditions.

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Ph: 07 3482 2637




Nisa Natural Health

Nisa Natural Health is run by accredited Naturopath and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Margeaux Kruger. Naturopathy assesses unbalanced health from the ground up to discover the cause of dysfunction. The aim of treatment is to restore optimal health in a confidential and caring environment that does not harm. This form of treatment not only assesses nutritional requirements, but evaluates all factors that contribute to health and well-being including lifestyle, environment and physical and mental needs.

Margeaux believes that a balanced life is essential to health and well-being. The road to true health need not be a miserable one. We should be free to let our hair down and sustainably indulge from time to time, because life is meant to be lived. Margeaux is available to help with all health issues and has special interests in female hormone concerns, anti-ageing, gastrointestinal health and lifestyle and stress management.

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Ph: 0415 822 721