You lose balance, you lose power
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

In order to function well, you must never lose your affinity in restoring your zone. That is why at Restoration Zone, we adhere to the ancient Chinese ideals of Yin and Yang, a harmonious co-existence of tangible dualities: darkness and light, hot and cold, sweet and sour. Aligning our principles of balance, stability, and respecting the nature of diametrically opposing forces with those of Yin and Yang thus serve as the foundation of our health and wellness service. We believe in the values of hard work, and hard work that is deserving of well deserved regeneration. Striking the right balance among careers, fitness regimes, family life and social spheres can be difficult when neglecting the fundamental propensity

for rest and relaxation.  

Here at Restoration Zone, we endeavour to reward our loyal clientele and patrons with revitalising ‘me’ time - a concept often misinterpreted as catering to one’s selfish and egotistical desires. By bettering yourself, you’re bettering those around you and those in your most intimate circles. It is imperative to begin with yourself by encouraging it, challenging it, affirming it, and worshipping it.  

You will find some of Brisbane’s best and most qualified Yoga instructors facilitating classes at our centre. The spaces are specifically designed to liberate your daily tensions and ease you into the depths of your inner self, whilst our sleep pod provides the comfort necessary for your mental revival.

With the clearest mind, an energised body, and a purified soul, in no time you will be the best you. A happier you. A restored you.