Yoga Instructors Brisbane

At Restoration Zone, we believe in the true restorative powers of yoga. As such, our team consists of Brisbane’s most qualified, friendly and highly experienced yoga instructors.

Caren Biddulph

In Caren Biddulph’s DNA lie two strands: her fervour for movement and passion for teaching it. After completing her 200hr teacher training with John Ogilvie of Byron Yoga in 2010, Caren toured North America and Asia, teaching for LuluLemon and Lorna Jane. Her classes follow the Vinyasa pedagogy, concentrating on robust alignment and power focus.  


Kasia Kondas

Kasia Kondas is a performance psychologist and coach, having trained as an Ashtanga style instructor and running own yoga centre in South Africa. With a decade’s worth of experiences as an elite gymnast, Kasia’s enthusiasm for yoga was the ideal accompaniment to her energetic lifestyle. She caters to corporate sectors and dreams of producing high performing, healthy leaders and workplace cultures. 


Diane Cousineau

A thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy is certainly evidenced in the Stretch and Therapy classes of Diane Cousineau. Disenfranchised when her own rehabilitative therapies did not respond well to her sustained injuries, Diane forayed into yoga and soon discovered its advantageous results with Stretch Therapy, a series of techniques which eases tensions in the body.  Studying under Nicky Knoff, who taught a complex balance of lyengar yoga’s intelligent alignment with the principles of Ashtanga Vinsaya yoga, Diane applies both her recuperative process and these techniques to her thoroughly relaxing classes. 


Mishel Finlayson

Mishel has always been passionate about health and fitness. In 2011, she went on to complete her Yoga and Pilates instructor qualifications, and has since taught thousands of people how to incorporate health and wellness into their hectic schedules. During her time as an elite dancer, performing annually in the Rio Carnival parade as well as regular interstate and international shows, Mishel realised the importance of a balanced training routine, including elements of Yoga, Pilates, weight training and meditation. 

Her Yoga instructor highlights have been teaching at Lululemon New York (as well as being a brand ambassador for the company), running a Dance/Yoga retreat on Koh Samui Island in Thailand, and working with corporate companies to reduce workplace stress and fatigue.

She is passionate about injury-prevention and technique, and her Yoga classes are a mix between gentle Hatha and strong Vinyasa Flow.-- 


Pascale Sader

Pascale was first introduced to yoga over a decade ago, but only started to delve into the practice in 2011 when she discovered power yoga. She used the practice as a way to build strength, flexibility and resilience to balance out the stressors of corporate life. Inspired by dedicated practitioners around her, she completed her first teacher training in Power Yoga and her second in Purna Yoga.  Her journey soon lead her to discover Anusara Yoga and Yin Yoga. Both styles of yoga allowed her to deepen her practice by listening to the body and cultivating inner awareness. Pascale’s dynamic classes draw from many different yoga styles and place an emphasis on alignment and flow. Her yin classes are more nourishing as they allow time for deep introspection and healing. Off the mat, Pascale currently holds a Master in Integrated Water Management and a Bachelor in Engineering.

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Christina Zimmerman

Christiana found yoga through a very rough time in her life and was amazed at it's healing ability not only for her physical self but her mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

Over the last years of studying and practicing yoga she has noticed many positive changes in her physical body and her mental state. She has discovered that all these are connected and that it is best for her overall health and wellness to give each of these equal time and energy. Christiana is passionate about making a difference in others lives through the power of yoga. She wants to make a positive change in the world and help others regain there power through self exploration. She is a 600 hour certified teacher, has been teaching yoga throughout Brisbane for over 5 years and her passion continues to grow". 


Michelle Chan

Michelle discovered yoga when she tried to find a long term solution to back pain resulting from scoliosis. As a competitive swimmer from a young age, she was instantly drawn to the aspects of power vinyasa and bikram yoga.

Since then, she has been a regular yoga practitioner and has been continuously thirsty for knowledge and the ongoing development of her practice. She has been fortunate to be under the guidance of many respectable teachers in Queenstown, Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney where she completed her vinyasa yoga teacher training with Body Mind Life.

Michelle first came to yoga through physical asana practice but has discovered that it is far great than that. Yoga to Michelle is a way of life, living with awareness, mindfulness and intention.

Off the mat, Michelle is also a pharmacist, a water lover and a hobbyist photographer.


Tina Huynh

Tina started pilates for the rehabilitation of a shoulder injury.  She instantly felt the benefits and was inspired to complete her Certificate IV in Pilates with Breathe Education. 

Tina believes in a holistic approach towards good health and wellbeing.  She is passionate about helping her clients not only look good but feel good.  Her reformer classes are dynamic and incorporates controlled exercises to help strengthen the body. “Pilates allows you to be creative with movement while providing a total body workout.  It connects your mind and body.” Outside the studio, Tina is an optometrist who manages and teaches at the Queensland University of Technology Optometry Clinic.

Shay Stafford

Shay Stafford has been teaching Reformer and Mat Pilates for 7 years. 3 years in Sydney's exclusive Elixir Health Clubs and in her own Xtend Barre Brisbane studios. 

Shay discovered Pilates for rehabilitation after injury during her dance career. She was a professional dancer for 20 years, including 12 years in Paris where she captained the dancers at The Moulin Rouge. 

Shay has trained 1000s of men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and teaches a dynamic Reformer class aiming to improve core strength and spinal mobility, and always with a focus on correct form.